How to Create Sexy Curly Hair using Hot Rollers (Tutorial)

It’s time to bring hot rollers back into your beauty case. If you want those soft and sexy loose curls, hot roller is the perfect tool for you. In this tutorial, I would like to show you how did I transform Trang – my model’s look using Hot Roller.


Firstly, what do you need for Tools and Products?

The Tools you need:

+ A set of Hot Rollers with 3 different size. I use Babyliss. Power on!

+ Sectioning clips, Roller pins (in different sizes) or roller (butterfly) clips

+ Detangle brush, styling brush and a tail comb

The Products you need:

+ Dry Shampoo (optional) if the hair is too greasy.

+ Styling Mouse to prep the hair in advance.

+ Soft Hair Spray to keep the curl in place (after removing the hot roller)

+ Styling balm or shining balm for hair finishing.


And here we go!

Step 1: Prep the hair (using styling mouse or curling/volume mouse), then section the hair into 9 sections (that is my preference to use hot rollers)

Step 2: Get the small strand of hair from each section enough for the roller

then use the tail comb to smooth and flat out

Step 3: Apply the roller to each of the flat smooth strand of hair, using tail comb to guide the hair end in place while rolling.

For this look, I use the bigger rollers for the front and sides, medium size for the back and smaller size for the crow. But depends on what look you want to achieve, size can change to suit.


Step 4: Apply Roller pins. I prefer to use pins as it hold the hair tighter. But if the pins are too difficult to use, opt to use the butterfly clips.

Step 5: Keep on rolling all 9 sections of hair until complete.

For the medium thickness hair like Trang, it would take about 15 mins to roll and a minimum of 15 mins to set the curl. Rule of thumb, the longer you keep the roller on, the curler your hair will be. If you don’t have a lot of time to spare, use loads of prep products.

Step 6: Remove the rollers and style the hair as you like.

Using the bristle styling brush and shining balm to achive the look like this

Using curl pins to achieve this 50s look

Or simply tip your head down, runing your fingers through your hair and flip back for a natural sexy curly look


Then maybe abit of backcomb to achive this modern look

So there you go! Get your tools out and give it a go. Subscribe to my blog for more tutorials by photos and videos on the way…Hope you enjoy this one!



Photographer: Giorgio Guglielmino

MUA & Hair: Mai Style

Model: Trang Phan

Location: GM Studio



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